Kindergarten Phonics


The Orton-Gillingham Spelling Program

Multisensory:  All of the learning pathways - seeing, hearing, feeling, motion - are engaged together, making connections in the brain so that the students learn successfully.

Direct and Explicit:  Information is presented clearly and directly.

Language Based:  Skills in reading, spelling, writing, and oral expression are built together.

Structured, Sequential, and Cumulative:  The students learn step-by-step, from the smallest elements up to the largest.


This phonics program is based on a multi-sensory approach to learning.

Each week we will focus on a phonics sound. Students will brainstorm more words throughout the week. At home you can assist by having students think of more words with our phonics pattern or sound. Nonsense words that match can also be provided to practice listening for the correct sounds.

The students will have fun practicing letter sounds in creative ways each week that utilize a variety of senses. I hope that you find this approach to phonics as valuable as I do. I look forward to watching your child grow as a reader and writer throughout the year!