Kindergarten Supply List


Thank you for your assistance. Please have your child bring these supplies to school on the first day, in a separate bag labeled with their name. These supplies may need to be replenished through the year.


*2-Sturdy folders (1 for home to school, 1 to keep in school)

pencil box  (to keep supplies in) (8” x 5”)

*a smock- try to find one with long sleeves. 

*old clean sock - to use as a dry erase eraser, or a dry eraser

*a pair of headphones (in a ziploc bag clearly labeled)- MUST have a straight input

(You may want to purchase two if they are on sale this summer, they don't always hold up all year. You can keep the extra one at home.)

*2-packs of crayons (twistables or regular) 

*a box of colored pencils

*a box of pencils (sharpened)

*4 dry erase markers


Suggested to keep at school: 1 change of underwear, socks and pants and/or shorts labeled in a ziploc bag (in case of accidents or spills) Bag will be sent home seasonally.


Please clearly label as many items as possible with your child’s name.


(Please choose ONE of these 4 things below to bring. I may ask for more as needed. These four things do not need to be labeled with your child's name, they are for everyone.


*unscented baby wipes 

*Lysol wipes

*ziplock bags- (variety of sizes are needed)- Please choose a size





Thank you!